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Since the 1970s, Canyon Hot Springs Resort has been a premiere destination for travellers passing through the iconic Rogers Pass to the Rockies beyond. What originated as a railway station is now a repreve for roadtrippers searching for the natural beauty of the mountains and old-growth forests.

Our History

Nothing now remains of Albert Canyon as it once was at the turn of the century. The present-day Canyon Hot Springs are some distance away, with the water from the hot springs being piped into two pools for everyone to enjoy a relaxing soak.

The Old Hot Spring & Rail Station

As the tale goes, the steamy mineral waters of Albert Canyon were first discovered by Canadian Pacific Railway workers at the turn of the century. The area’s name comes from Albert Rogers, nephew of Major Rogers, who’s credited with the discovery of Rogers Pass.

For many years, Albert Canyon was the site of a “pusher station,” home to a roundhouse, rail station and a timber enclosure constructed around the springs, frequented by railroaders until the site was disbanded and abandoned.

Canyon Hot Springs was later created in the 1970s and has since been the premiere mineral soaking pool destination for travellers navigating the Trans Canada Highway through Rogers Pass and into Revelstoke.

Early Residents

One of the early residents of the Canyon was a Scandinavian miner named Ole Sandberg, who is credited with being the first to use skis in the whole North Kootenay country. Other notable residents included John Skogstrom, the pioneer proprietor of “The Springs Hotel,” and his nephew, Charles Carlson, who owned a store at the townsite.

Old Schoolhouse

Like all one-room country schools, the one at Albert Canyon served as a community hall and housed the worshippers when a minister came to hold a church service.

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